Fashion Minimalis ala Cotton Ink

Dimulai dari sering membaca artikel fashion di majalah, Carline tertarik untuk mendesign sedangkan Ria lebih menyenangi styling dan retail.


Dunia Mode Ala Rama Dauhan

Dunia fashion di Jakarta sedang melesat, namun nama Rama Dauhan tetaplah menjadi salah satu inspirasi di bidang mode. Lhat interview kami dengan Rama untuk mengetahui seluk beluk dunia fashion.


Veren Lee and Her Fashion Sprit

This month blogger's crush goes to Veren Lee. Called herself a little princess, this pretty petite bloggers shared her enthusiast on life and fashion.


Featured Profile: Playing it Cool ala Kelly Tandiono

Melihat perawakan Kelly Tandiono, tak disangkan ia hanya beristirahat selama satu jam selama di pesawat kembali ke Singapura ke Jakarta untuk pemotretan cover Urban Icon Magazine edisi kali ini.


The Sweet Couple Tata and Elizabeth

Been together for 3 years, the dynamic couple Tata Tahir and Elizabeth share to us their moments of love, explains why they claimed as sweet instead of romantic couple.


Lucky Oetama: Food & Fashion Photography

Lucky Oetama: Food & Fashion Photography


Interview with Anita Putri

Let's say I'm like sugar and spices. Simple, joyful, love to try new positive things, but on the other hand I can be strict and cold towards certain things.


Get To Know Putri Valentina In 15 Seconds

Meet Putri Valentina, our blogger of the month. Her style is between bold and edgy with exagerate statement earrings. Blogging since 2012, the 21 year old fashion bloggers shares her personal interest


Fashion and Menswear through the eyes of Jonathan Thiele

I'm Jonathan, born in Cologne in 1998 and I'm in my last year of high school. I stay in Cologne, Germany with my mom, whereby my dad stays in Jogjakarta.


The Simple Life of Claudia Phankova

I started blogging 3 years a go, at first I only blog about my daily life then I started to blog about fashion, e.g; tips, outfit, look. I found a lot of benefits by being a fashion blogger.


Anindya's Journey to Miss Universe

Anindya Kusuma Putri shared her lifetime journey: from a passionate sporty girl to number 1 princess in Indonesia.


Travelling with Ariev Rahman from Sabang to Merauke

Hi there, my name is Muhammad Arif Rahman, but people used to know me with "Ariev Rahman". For now, I’m a daily worker and a lifetime traveler.


Firsta: The Girl Behind Discover Your Indonesia

Have you ever visit a travel website Discover Your Indonesia ? If yes, you must know the girl behind it. She is Firsta, the tender-hearted traveler whom we adore. Had a chance to contacted her and ask


Cinta Ruhama Amelz: Former Deputy Editor in Chief Turns Into Lifestyle Blogger

We have been crushing on pretty momma Cinta Ruhama Amelz for quite some time now. This Jakarta born and raised blogger is a pro in mix and match.


Ayla's Favorite Item

It was an honored to have Ayla Dimitri, Deputy Editor in Chief of Indonesia in our Senayan City Store last week.


Featured Profile: Arnold Teja and Men's Fashion in Indonesia

Hi, my name is Arnold Teja, I’m 19 years old, living in Jakarta, Indonesia. I'm a graphic design student who loves pretty clothes and stuffs and then blogging about it.


Featured Profile: Wynne Prasetyo and the Fashion Law

I’m Wynne Prasetyo, born and bred in Jakarta. A 23 years old with big dreams and high hopes, aspiring to become an excellent Indonesian lawyer. I have immense love for my dogs.


From Picnic to Travelling: An Interview with Rahne Putri

Halo Urban Icon, Saya sehari-harinya bekerja di salah satu Digital Agency di Jakarta. Baru saja menikah dan menalani hari juga sebagai blogger.


Revealing food and travel with Fellexandro Ruby

Saya sudah merasakan hottest chili dalam Guiness Book of Record. Keputusan terbodoh yang dibuat, but hey YOLO right?


Featured Profile: Bethanny Putri on Juggling Between Fashion, Blogging and Study

Urban Icon mendapat kesempatan untuk ngobrol dengan Bethanny Putri, dari bidang studinya dan awal mula ia memulai blogging.


Featured Profile: Lulut Marganingtyas on Celebrating Idul Fitri

For Idul Fitri featured profile edition, we had a short interview with one of local bloggers and stylist Lulut Marganingtyas.